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It’s All in The Name

First impressions are everything, so your property needs to look its best, no matter what the season. At Reliable Property Services, we help you set the tone for your exterior, delivering on-spec property maintenance services on time and on budget. Winter, spring, summer, and fall, our team of experts is dedicated to you and your satisfaction. As a part of the Aspen Grove Landscape Companies, we offer the expertise and personal touch of a local partner, coupled with the vast resources of a national organization.

While snow and ice management remain a core competency, we also provide our customers with complete grounds management programs, including landscape management and maintenance, landscape enhancements, irrigation management, and landscape construction, as well as comprehensive golf course grounds management services. With professional staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and cutting-edge information systems, we service Minnesota and Wisconsinout of offices in those states.

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Since 1983, Reliable Property Services has been providing exterior maintenance services for large retail centers, office buildings, medical facilities, educational campuses, and distribution centers.

We’ll take the stress out of managing your landscape and go above and beyond to earn your trust.

Our Mission

At Reliable Property Services, our mission is to consistently meet our customer’s service and value expectations as measured through our “On-spec score” and seasonal property benchmark scores—and to recruit, motivate, and retain the highest quality staff.

Our mission is supported and
strengthened by our

core values:

QUALITY – The ability to understand the needs and expectations of our customers and staff, and to continuously provide services that satisfy those needs and exceed expectations.

INTEGRITY – To achieve the highest standards of integrity in all the services we deliver to customers. To provide a culture based on integrity and a continuous improvement process, enabling employees to achieve personal and career goals.

COMMUNICATION – Nurturing relationships with our customers year after year, delivering services with honesty, loyalty, and good old-fashioned hard work.


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 At Reliable Property Services, we customize our operations and management models to deliver service at the specifications you require. We call this process On-spec. On-spec ensures that we have the right equipment, materials, and crew members to address your needs and deliver your scope of work. Through our data collection efforts, we can spot trends and inefficiencies as they occur, and we keep you informed of these issues and recommend adjustments to your specifications when needed.

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Technology helps us communicate with both our teams and you, track our progress in real-time, and deliver you in-depth information regarding your properties and facilities. Our proprietary system maintains historical information on nearly every commercial property we service or have serviced over our 30+ years, providing true site history to help us plan and benchmark for you.

GPS technology on our trucks provide high accountability and increased transparency. Finally, our innovative use of tablet computers in the field has set the standard for data collection in our industry, giving our clients and our field crews instantaneous access to site information, project data, and job progress.

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Keeping everyone safe–your employees and guests, as well as our work teams– is a top priority at Reliable Property Services. It helps us deliver the confidence and trust you require and ensures that your property is always in good hands. Keeping everyone safe, your employees and guests, as well as our work teams, is a top priority at Reliable Property Services. Our commitment is evident in how we service you, from a dedicated and diligent Safety Department to weekly safety trainings and mandatory driver education. It all comes together to deliver confidence and trust—plus the security you require—in the knowledge that your property is always in good hands.

“I just wanted to say how much we appreciate the job all of you have done. We truly consider your company a strategic partner. Well done!”

– MG, Target Corporation




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